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We want to be of value to people. Below you will find resources for buying a house that we feel will be helpful to you. (Please click on pictures below to view links to FREE resources.)

Reasons to Buy a Home
Wondering if you should buy a home and what are some good reasons to do it? This infogram is a good place to start.
Real Estate Vocab
There are a lot of terms in real estate that are new to those who are new to buying and selling. This document will help you feel more comfortable with the vocabulary of the industry.
House Hunting Checklist
Sometimes it is hard to know which house you like best when you've looked a good handful or more. Use this document to help keep them sorted out and your priorities straight.
Home Maint. Checklist
Once you own a home you need to keep it in top condition in order to keep it's value. Use this document to help you keep your home in tip top shape.
Inspection Expectations
Wondering what to expect when you Inspect your potential new home? Read this document to get a good idea of what a Home Inspection looks like.
More helpful documents to come...
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"Pay attention to your gut feelings.  No matter how good something looks, if it doesn't feel right...walk away."